New HC-4-22″ Capper Available for Purchase

Machine Type: Capper

Model: HC-4-22”

Newly built 22” HC capper from U.S. Bottlers.  Currently designed with 4 capping heads for a large diameter cap to be applied to gallon containers.  However, it is also pre-arranged to accommodate 8 capping heads if desired.

This model delivers all of the great features that the HC model offers in a more compact design.  These features include:

  • A robust, stainless steel construction that is capable of withstanding the harshest of production environments.
  • Independent spindle control
  • Cam rollers contained within a “ribbon cam” to allow for smooth and consistent operation at higher rpm’s
  • Easily removable capping headsets designed with advanced non-corrosive materials and bearings
  • Adjustable top-load and non-cogging magnetic clutch design for tremendous torque control and application

This machine is on-hand, and available for purchase.  Please direct all inquiries to the U.S. Bottlers Sales team by calling 704-588-1653, or email