U.S. Bottlers
Machinery Company

Our passion is to be original in our designs and judged by our results.

U.S. Bottlers Machinery Company was founded four generations ago by an inventor who wanted to create one-of-a-kind machines for the packaging industry to fill the needs of our growing economy. Today we thrive because we continue to follow some of these same basic concepts.

What my great grandfather found a passion for was what we are still passionate about today – and that is to be original in our designs and our ideas, and to be judged by our implementation and our results. Customers continue to have very custom needs and require a team that understands how to creatively meet those requirements. That is our niche. We are still inventors. That is how we engage with our clients.

We look at challenges as opportunities. We employ, in-house, the latest design technologies and over a hundred years of experience and business ethics. Whatever your package challenges, we believe we can offer you a fresh perspective on how to approach them, and always in a straightforward and honest manner.”

– President & CEO, U.S. Bottlers Machinery Company

From our beginnings 100 years ago as a key supplier to the distillery industry, U.S. Bottlers now claims customers across the globe throughout various industries. These industries include, but are not limited to:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Distilled Spirits
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical
  • Automotive
  • Cosmetic/Personal care
  • Household Products

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Being a manufacturer of custom-built equipment gives us the advantage of providing our customers with a final product that is best-suited to the unique specifications of the company and the application(s) involved. From start to finish, we go through a detail-oriented process to ensure that every component is the most appropriate for the products, applications and specifications presented. This process starts with our Sales team, who review the parameters of the project to make sure the proper machine is quoted to meet the needs of the customer.  Once an order is received, all details are communicated internally and carried out by the Project Management, Engineering, Manufacturing and Customer Care departments. It is truly a team effort between all departments to promote a successful project, and a high-quality final product that is shipped and supported by our team afterward to maintain a reliable, productive machine thereafter.


What goes into the container is ultimately what the consumer tastes and a major factor in the impressions that are formed of your brand. Beverage manufacturers have consistently trusted U.S. Bottlers to provide the equipment to carry out their rinsing, filling and capping processes. Juices, isotonics, teas and other non-carbonated beverages are common products that our machines handle, for a variety of production speeds, container sizes and materials.

Distilled Beverage

For 100 years, U.S. Bottlers has supplied quality vacuum and gravity fillers, as well as cappers to the largest names in the liquor industry. We understand the special requirements of the industry and can recommend the proper solution to accurately fill containers while preserving sterility and reducing proof loss.


From sauces and syrups to pickles and preserves, we can provide an innovative solution to meet your needs. U.S. Bottlers has over 1000 machines active in the field today. Our fillers handle foods with varying properties. Of note, our fillers are uniquely capable of filling viscous and chunky products. When it comes to food, U.S. Bottlers speaks your language. Whether it’s extended shelf life, CIP-capability, HEPA filtration or other requirements, we work with you to provide a solution.

Automotive & Chemical

Automotive products and other chemicals are aggressive substances. U.S. Bottlers is intimately familiar with those needs and can provide a custom solution to meet most needs and budgets. Aerosols, acids, bleaches and solvents all have specific requirements. We can fill these requirements by providing corrosion resistant packages (including titanium valves), Class 1 Div 1 and Class 1 Div 2 control packages, over-cappers for stacker, straight wall, rim snap, and Acc-U-Sol sprayers; and under-deck gearing to reduce lubrication dilution.

Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

U.S. Bottlers is familiar with the special requirements of these industries and can supply the proper filling method and machine to accurately and consistently achieve repeatable fill amounts. Our piston fillers have shown incredibly low intra- and inter-head variability.

Cosmetic & Personal Care

No other market presents a greater challenge than cosmetic and personal care. Machinery must be made to the utmost level of flexibility because production runs vary in container, cap, product viscosity, and the opportunity for carryover. U.S. Bottlers has vast experience in this market providing clients with machinery suited to mascara, deodorant, lotions and cremes. Each machine is custom designed to speed changeover, cleanup and maintenance.