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Find the most suitable filler for your products.

A filler that employs mechanically opened/closed filling valves for a consistently accurate (+/- 1/16”) level fill.  The ability to recirculate or reprocess product makes this a great option for hot-fill, and distilled spirits manufacturers.


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U.S. Bottlers Machinery manufactures custom equipment that is tailored to your packaging needs.  From hoses, to valves and electronic components, we are able to offer many different options so that we are able to manufacture the equipment to your specifications.  If you do not see a particular machine model that you are searching for on this page, please contact the USB Sales Department to inquire about our additional models/configurations that we offer.

If you would like to obtain a proposal or gain further information, please contact the Sales Department at (704) 588-4750, ext. 1653 or Sales@USBottlers.com.   To get in touch with any other of the U.S. Bottlers departments, please refer to the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Pressure Gravity (PG)

Electronic Gravity (EL-G)

Flow Meter (FM)

Fills to a consistent, accurate desired level like the Pressure Gravity model, however the EL-G has pneumatically actuated valves that allow you to control and modulate the fill sequences at specific points throughout the filling cycle. This control is accessible and storeable through the PLC logic, giving you the flexibility to tailor fill cyles for given products/bottles in order to provide the most appropriate fill for each.  This is a popular filling option for hot-fill, distilled spirits and other free-flowing liquid products. 


Fills to a pre-determined product volume.  Each filling station has a meter that measures the amount of product flow and sends a signal for the pneumatically actuated valves to open and close.  The Flow Meter Filler provides accuracy of +/- 1 gram on fills less than 1000 grams at one sigma. 


Find the most suitable capper for your products.

Rotary Capper (RC)

Rotary Overcapper (ROC)

High-Speed Capper (HC)

The Rotary Chuck Style Capper is designed to apply and rotate a pre-sorted cap on a container, based on a pre-determined applied torque.  The mechanical or pneumatic capping chucks feature superior magnetic clutches, which maintain uniform torque values, allowing for fast individual torque changes of each capping station.  The RC is a viable solution for caps that require application torque.



The Rotary Chuck Style Overcapper is designed to apply a pre-sorted overcap onto a container.  The ROC follows the same mechanical motion as our standard Rotary Capper (RC), however the capping chucks simply place/seat the overcap onto the container in a downward motion.  This makes the ROC a great solution for a cap that doesn’t require application torque (snap-on caps, laundry detergent spouts).


This “High-Speed” model capper is able to achieve higher rpm's to match the USB filler family speeds up to 1,000 bottles per minute.  The contained cam rollers allow for a smooth, consistent operation, and the design controls ensure accurate alignment for cap to bottle engagement.  Bottle base and/or neck support options enable this capper to handle lightweight bottles.


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